Saturday, 15 October 2011


SENSUS! DONT FORGET WE NOW SELL SENSUS!! Grips in red,black,white or new colourway purple, as designed by cam zink, made by odi, We also have a very limited amount of Sensus "slayer" tees!

Team update..

check out this cool edit from Ewarts euro trip . get the latest here on his return to action sports . Sy has sold his bike and no longer rides for nookie.. Lets hope we see Sy back riding 24" or 20" next year. Elbry has been slaying the xc trails of late, look for him to be in action at the Soggy Bottom winter xc race at the old world cup venue of Plymouth next month.


thanks to ferg for these clean shots of team rider Jay riding in the Vandal multi V-star tee.